Tips for Making Friends When You Are Older

Tips for Making Friends When You Are Older - 3

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Just because you have reached your golden years does not mean your social life is over. Nor do you have enough friends already and adding more at your age would be quite a task.

As they say, age is just a number, and that is true speaking of keeping friends and meeting new ones. You may be aging but definitely have more time now to socialize in retirement. Your energy might not be the same as you were younger, but definitely is enough to still mingle.

Mind you, having friends can make your golden years brighter, so go out and make time being with friends and discovering new ones. Studies suggest that among the keys to a healthier life as you age is being around cohorts or having tight friendships.

Tips for Making Friends When You Are Older - 3

6 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Earn Friends as a Senior

Whether you are settling down in a completely different place or living in assisted care, do not hold yourself back from making friends.

1. Make efforts to integrate

Consider that making friends requires an active effort, which in turn would be reciprocated and highly valued by the person you are befriending. Don’t be afraid to approach or directly ask someone you think shares the same interests as you.

2. Get familiar with all aspects

Especially when you are in a new or unfamiliar place, it is important to immerse yourself with the local culture. Learn how they speak and act, take interest in the place’s history and even politics. Read dailies, watch local films, and keep up with their entertainment. Getting familiar with these aspects would help you find new friends more easily. Aside from that, you will be able to interact more closely and even impress the locals of your knowledge and wit.

Tips for Making Friends When You Are Older - 3

3. Do not be afraid of being alone

For people to find you easy to be with, you must first show them that you are comfortable with your own company. Do not fear spending hours, or even a couple of days wandering from places to another. Explore different activities and spots where you can people-watch or read a book on yourself. This does not mean isolating to “find oneself”, but it helps you settle in a new place if you first make yourself comfortable on your own.

4. Maintain old friends

A good old friend, whether a thousand miles away, will always be there in times of longingness. Most of them are just one chat away on social media or a quick phone call if you want someone to cheer you up after a long, lonely journey in an unfamiliar place and people. Although being on different time zones and schedules might hinder your communication, old friendships are the most precious ones that last.

5. Be approachable

Being friendly is having a welcoming or inviting personality. While it is true that nowadays, you should be wary of random strangers, you do not have to make everyone your best friend. Just simple chit-chats or small talks can determine whether that person is trustworthy. Always smile and be nice to everyone. After all, you should promote world peace (haha! ✌️)

6. Be active in community-based activities

Volunteer, if not completely subscribe to community-based activities or organizations such as physical and fitness classes, cultural workshops, faith-based discussions, or outreach service programs. For seniors who have limitations on being mobile and active, there are public indoor activities such as municipal hall’s public information desk or volunteering in community kitchens. Taking part in these recreational activities is a great way for seniors to meet other seniors.

Fulfill Your Social Needs

Getting old should not prevent you from keeping yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. And one of the best ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle is by letting yourself be surrounded by people who bring joy to your life.

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