5 Things About Assisted Living that Will Actually Make Your Life Better

5 Things About Assisted Living that Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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Priorities change over time. There may be a stage in life when the priority is landing a good job or raising a family. For older adults, having a meaningful life is a priority. At this point, these are the questions many senior adults usually find themselves asking:

  • Do you miss seeing friends like before?
  • Do you feel lonely or isolated?
  • Are you beginning to worry about living alone?
  • Do you wish you could still enjoy hobbies and activities?
  • Are you frustrated with the discomfort you feel while doing simple everyday tasks?

Little do they know that there is an answer to these questions – assisted living. If you or your senior loved one has been thinking of ways to make your life better, you would be surprised to discover that assisted living communities are designed exactly for that purpose.

5 Ways Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life

1. Daily Assistance and Convenience

Almost 11% of seniors over 75 years old need daily assistance with personal activities such as bathing, cooking, dressing, or toileting activities. Individuals of this age may rely on family members or caregivers for these activities for daily living (ADLs) or other needs such as their groceries, paying bills, driving, or simple company.

With the daily assistance and the convenience that staff members from assisted living communities could offer, the burden on seniors would be significantly reduced.

2. Adaptability and Personalized Services

We all know how seniors’ health conditions could change quickly. Assisted living communities could offer services and living setups that properly fit the residents’ needs. These personalized services are based on professional assessments and consultations when a senior applies to be a resident in the community. Additional help could also be provided as the needs of the residents change.

3. Nutritious Meals

A nutritious meal not only keeps seniors physically fit but can also boost their immune systems and lower their risk of future illnesses. A healthy diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, healthy fats, and omega-3 fatty acids. This diet, when maintained, can extend cognitive health. It can improve memory and even delay any symptoms of dementia.

4. Sense of Community

Did you or your senior loved ones miss bonding with their friends over sporting games or afternoon snacks? Do you think they would still enjoy this, given the chance?

Research reveals that maintaining connections with family and friends plays a major role in the quality of life for seniors. In fact, socialization and staying active could make them stay healthy and age well. Keeping in touch with loved ones and peers may be more important for them to avoid feelings of isolation and depression. Assisted living communities in Oceanside to include in their care programs allotted time for socialization, group activities, and a friendly environment.

5. Independence

Everyone wants to remain independent as they age. No one wants to be a burden. According to a study, more people fear losing independence worse than death as they age. This is what seniors worry about the most when the option of moving into a retirement home or nursing center comes into play. On the contrary, assisted living communities can provide these individuals with their needed assistance and care while maintaining independence. From participating in activities of their choice, hosting family and friends, to making new connections. Assisted living can nurture dignity for older adults.

Leading a Happier, Healthier Life

Having the confidence that seniors will have the assistance they need, family members and seniors themselves can have peace of mind. And their happiness and quality of life can soar as they benefit from personalized services and vibrant communities without worrying about housework and stress.

Blue Skies Homes aim to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable home for seniors who need assistance with daily living. We treat our residents with respect and dignity at all times while offering personalized support and integrated care. Our assisted living in Oceanside and assisted living in San Marcos both have senior-friendly designs, amenities, and features, as well as programs that help nurture meaningful relationships and personal development among residents. Contact a community today to learn more and schedule a tour.

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