When to Move from Assisted Living to a Nursing Home

When to Move from Assisted Living to a Nursing Home

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Aging is usually associated with limited mobility, memory loss, and other medical conditions. When a senior experiences these symptoms, it will be an everyday challenge for them to live independently. As a result, seniors and their families resort to assisted living communities and other senior care options. 

However, no matter how great the communities are, seniors would still get older and their health conditions could either improve or deteriorate. There comes a point when a change in lifestyle, services, or another transition to a different care option will be needed. And it is important for seniors and their loved ones to know exactly when to make that change.

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Option

Assisted living communities to provide elderly people with a degree of independence while still receiving assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, cooking, cleaning, or dressing. Oftentimes, these communities offer basic health tasks. And social activities are programmed. However, monitoring and treatment of serious illnesses are generally not provided and are usually outsourced.

Meanwhile, nursing homes are generally for those suffering from serious health conditions that would need round-the-clock nursing care and constant medical attention. Nursing home staff members are available 24 hours a day to ensure that all the medical and personal needs of the residents are being taken care of.

When is a Move to a Nursing Home Necessary?

Assisted living is an excellent choice for seniors who are in the early stages of losing their ability to function independently, and would need help with activities for daily living. But there are those whose loss of ability to be mobile and self-sufficient is progressive. For these people, assisted living options would only be fitting for a limited period of time.

→ Complex medical needs

If the senior adult is in and out of the hospital, it might be better for them to be in a nursing home. There may be recurrent infections, worsening of chronic medical conditions, frequent surgeries, or inability to rehabilitate. In cases like these, nursing home care can help stabilize someone without the strain of repeated hospital stays.

Assisted living communities may also be not equipped in managing complex medical issues. Their health conditions may need a more technical hand.

Severe Alzheimer’s

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses to the end stage, it becomes even more challenging to assist the patient at home. Others may also suffer from other severe neurological problems that would need more up-close care with the right apparatus.

Nursing homes will be able to handle issues brought about by Alzheimer’s disease. They have the ability and skill to monitor, manage, and help people with dementia.

Extra assistance and support

Many assisted living communities do not accept someone who requires two staff members to assist them. But when a senior’s health requires two assistants, they are often recommended to move into a nursing home.

Limited financial support

Unfortunately, many seniors do not have the financial resources to pay for specialized home care or assisted living. Others simply request for additional assistance from the administration in the assisted living community, however, sometimes these add-on services would be more expensive than being in the nursing home itself.

Nursing homes require one specific area to be met – there must be a nursing need.

Preparing Seniors to Make the Transition

Many seniors and families resist the idea of transitioning from assisted living to a nursing home. This may be due to some fears of losing independence, moving far away from home, or having no control over their own programs. In some cases, the transition is inevitable. So you need to take proactive steps in recognizing the signs and making an informed decision.

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