3218 Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA 92056

In Blue Skies Homes Mira Mesa, senior residents enjoy the quality care given by our highly-trained and dedicated caregivers. Its comfortable environment allows our retired seniors to make the most of their golden years. Located just south of San Diego County, our facility is in proximity to recreational and entertainment spaces. In this facility, we aim to hone their hobbies and interests, improve their health, provide quality living and build relationships with their families and new found friends in the facility.

Family members need not worry about their loved one’s welfare because it is our assurance to care for our residents like our own parents and family. Contact us today and see if our Mira Mesa home’s right for you!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

You should know how happy we are with the care our mom and dad receive in Blue Skies Homes. They are amazing parents who deserve the best care there is and an opportunity to live their life beautifully. Thank you for your services!

Carolyn Browne / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

I cherish the intimate community we have here in Blue Skies Homes. I found lasting relationships here. We bond over our delicious meals, on day trips, and with arts and crafts. I also value the independence and privacy we have in this facility. Although we’re tight-knit, I’m glad that these are still maintained.

Amanda Chambers / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

My dad is thriving in Blue Skies Homes. His care is top-notch. The staff makes sure that my dad and all the residents here are safe, secured, and receiving the assistance they need. I love how activities are thoughtfully planned too. He loves it here, just ask him!

Bryan Clemens / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

MY DAD LOVES IT HERE. He mentions that a lot in our calls and visits, which REALLY pleases us. He adores the place and the warm community that he found. It’s also great that he’s able to explore more and enjoy his time. He’s more carefree now. This is PRICELESS!

Sofia Tate / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

My mom is very happy here. She tells us how when she presses her call button, someone always promptly responds… and with a smile! One beautiful thing about my mom is that she appreciates the small things. She appreciates how satisfying every meal is. How she feels safe with the senior-friendly features of the facility. She likes how her friend who’s on a wheelchair could also smoothly navigate the place. She mentions how clean each room is. And she loves the fact that holidays and birthdays are celebrated and their requests are always heard.

For me, as her daughter, I appreciate how responsive the management is with my concerns and questions. I am confident that if ever my mom has any request, she wouldn’t have to wait ‘til I get there. She feels heard and valued in this community. My mom and I highly recommend Blue Skies Homes. This place is a real blessing.

Alice Thornton / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

Thank you so much for the birthday party you had for my dad. It was nice to meet his new friends here and I really appreciate the opportunity to introduce the rest of my family to the community of Blue Skies Homes. We’re confident about the care you provide our father.

Amber Wilkins / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

I won’t forget Linda and Camie. They’re the staff members who I did not expect to become my friends. I appreciate the hard work they provide in order to care for me. They make sure I’m comfortable and they respond thoughtfully when I feel under the weather. Thank you so much!!!

Anne Wolfe / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

Blue Skies Homes is a breath of fresh air… both literally and figuratively. The ambiance is so light and clean. The facility is well-maintained and I notice how there are senior-friendly features around the place. The community and staff is refreshing too!

Terry Crewe / Mira Mesa Ave, Oceanside, CA

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care