What Are the Available Benefits for Seniors Over 65?

What Are the Available Benefits for Seniors Over 65 - 1

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Growing old might be daunting because of the uncertainties ahead. But do not worry or fear, for life has its way to give good surprises. And among those are the benefits you can gain when you reach the ripe age of 65. The government offers a pension, financial assistance, and social services to seniors and retirees to make life more bearable and enjoyable down the golden years.

Senior benefits will help you make the most of your retirement. With the right knowledge of what is available for you at the age of 65, you will be able to plan your finances better and maximize them more efficiently. Not to mention that it can ease the anxieties and worries of approaching the retirement years.

Financial Perks of Aging

Learn the benefits that you are entitled to as soon as you turn the age of 65. These are just some of the major financial benefits, discounts, and exciting deals that can save your retirement dollars in the future.

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1. Health care benefits

With all the age-related diseases and ailments, health and medical care benefits for seniors are just and necessary. While Medicare does not usually cover all the health benefits, there are affordable health insurances you can avail to help you meet the costs of medical expenses. For instance, Medicaid Programs provide health care services to more than seven million American seniors. This state-run health program fills in the gaps in expenses that are not covered by Medicare and targets seniors with low income. Medicaid also offers a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), which provides comprehensive and coordinated care to elderly people, especially those who wish to be taken care of at home or community instead of a care facility.

Whether you are on Medicare or still using your employer’s insurance, drug stores, eyeglass clinics, among other health services usually offer discounts for seniors. The discounts vary depending on the store, but for instance, Rite Aid gives a 20% discount every first Wednesday of the month for 65 years old and above.

2. Tax relief

Seniors enjoy a variety of tax relief and holidays depending on the locality, state, and federal governments. When you reach 65, you get to claim a larger standard deduction and will let you earn more before having to pay for federal taxes. There are also tax breaks and relief to seniors in states, cities, and counties. Meet with a tax preparer that can help you determine your tax savings in your locality.

3. Direct financial assistance

For seniors who are struggling to make ends meet, multiple local, state, and federal programs can provide additional and direct financial assistance. For instance, seniors with low income and limited resources are eligible for the Emergency Food Assistance Program or the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program that helps low-income families pay their bills.

Seniors who have relatively high assets and more resources are still eligible for financial resources such as the Social Security Income wherein the taxes that you paid can fund your retirement benefits. The SSI serves as the primary source of retirement incomes for many American seniors. There’s also the Annuities or the insurance contracts that you can expand into retirement funds that will guarantee you income upon retirement.

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4. Travel deals

For seniors who want to spend time traveling and wandering around different places, there are travel discounts that you can avail. You will be able to enjoy traveling to places without spending too much. While some discounts require American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) membership, there are travel deals where you are just required to present your proof of age. Car rental, public transportation fares, and hotel accommodation costs are usually covered by the travel discounts.

5. Dining discounts

From regular fast food to casual dining and to even more expensive restaurants, seniors who love dining out have plenty of dining discounts to avail. Being a member of AARP adds even more chances of having discounts to as many restaurants around your area. Make sure to ask about the senior discount that a restaurant offers before ordering.

6. Shopping and grocery perks

With senior discounts covering some shopping stores, you can enjoy additional shopping and grocery sprees. But it is better to first ask a store chain about their senior discounts before filling up your shopping carts.

What Are the Available Benefits for Seniors Over 65

Avail Assisted Living Care

There’s nothing more exciting about living your golden years than having to avail the exciting benefits mentioned above. As soon as you reach 65 years old, who would have thought that you would still be able to live the kind of life you had during your youthful and vibrant years?

With the help of affordable assisted living homes and low-income senior housing in California and in South Carolina, you can maximize your funds to fully enjoy your retirement. With these great options, you will realize that the best place for seniors is within reach.

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