About Blue Skies Homes

With almost 20 years of experience as a senior living facility owner and administrator, Lauren now serves as manager of all Blue Skies Homes locations.

It was Lauren’s compassion for the elderly that attracted her to the industry years ago, and that compassion remains until today and is at the core of our care home’s philosophy of providing the best elderly care possible in a friendly, cheerful environment.

Lauren’s direct involvement with everything, from training our staff to developing and maintaining personal relationships with our residents and their families, is truly what makes Blue Skies Homes different from the rest. Our mission is to make the senior years the best experience for our residents, to make them happy and keep them safe at all times. 

We are committed to making our seniors live life to the fullest. The best of their golden years is yet to come at Blue Skies Homes.

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care