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Blue Skies Homes makes senior living life to the fullest possible!

As you get old, or your parents and elders for that matter, the need for extra hands becomes more apparent. The subject of caregiving homes or senior assisted facilities is an important issue you need to discuss as a family. And as you cross that decision to transition to senior living, there is still a lot of factors to consider. It can feel overwhelming and sometimes will leave you doubting your decision.

Navigate this challenging phase of life with Blue Skies Homes! We are here to guide you as you make that important decision. We are offering different choices of assisted living homes in the most peaceful and beautiful locations in Southern California. You and your family will quickly find the right fit–whether you are looking for senior homes nearby or planning to move to a new location.

So is living life to the fullest still possible when transitioning to senior years? A big ‘Yes!’. Blue Skies Homes will make it possible.

You’ll Happily Find Many Reasons to Choose Us

Living at Blue Skies Home brings more joys, better health, better living environments, better assistance, and better fulfilled moments at golden ages.

Best Care For Seniors

  • 24-Hour & Individualized Care Plans
  • Spacious and cozy homes
  • Outstanding home-cooked meals with well balanced nutrition
  • Daily social & recreational activities
  • Emotional and physical health focus
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24-Hour Mindful Care Giving

Providing a safe and comfortable environment for our residents is our top priority

Enrichment Activities

Whether you prefer a session of quiet meditation or an exciting karaoke group, you’ll have your choice(s).

Love. Serve. Support.

After years of hard working, you get what value most at golden ages: The love and support of dedicated caregivers.

Best Care For Seniors

  • 24-Hour & Individualized Care Plans
  • Spacious and cozy homes
  • Outstanding home-cooked meals with well balanced nutrition
  • Daily social & recreational activities
  • Emotional and physical health focus
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We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care

Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Dear Lauren and Leo, Thank you so much for your lovely party and thoughtful gifts. You worked so hard to bring cheer to all of us, and we so appreciate your kindness. We can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind your care of Mother has given us! With love, Wes, Mary Ann & Lynne

Wes, Mary Ann & Lynne / San Marcos

My dad is thriving in Blue Skies Homes. His care is top-notch. The staff makes sure that my dad and all the residents here are safe, secured, and receiving the assistance they need. I love how activities are thoughtfully planned too. He loves it here, just ask him!

Bryan Clemens / Oceanside

This is a group where you can feel comfortable talking about anything. When I was new here, they made sure to help out in processing things. They understood how I felt and both residents and staff provided support. This is a special place for me. The entire team is great!

Linda Adams / Oceanside

I have been a resident at Blue Skies Homes for more than a year, and I can confidently say that their services are excellent and one of the best. From the moment I walked in, I felt the welcoming ambience. Fellow seniors, you have a place here!

Judy Harrell / Laguna Niguel

It’s such a relief to know that my mom’s nearby and are in such caring hands. I have full confidence that Blue Skies Homes will cater for the needs of my mother. I’ve seen how professional they interviewed us and assessed our needs. The facility was designed to be as warm and home-like as possible.

Kathryn Davidson / Temecula

Out of all the senior care homes in the area, I’m glad we found Blue Skies Homes. Their facility’s complete. Pops have the support he needs and the independence he wants. My family and I are confident about the management as well.

Arthur Jeffery / Temecula

I love the small group setting in our community. I feel like each one of us are important members of a family and that is something that I really value here in Blue Skies Homes. Living here is dignifying, the staff are taking good care of us as they cater to our specific needs and grant our requests. The social activities here are well-planned too.

Susan Reynolds / Laguna Hills

My mom has been hard-working for so long, and I’m happy to share that she receives the care she deserves in Blue Skies Homes. Every day, she’s liberated from doing house work, her meals are prepared for her, and there are programs for her socialization. Safe to say, this place is highly-recommended!

Jo Jenkins / Laguna Niguel

I cannot recommend Blue Skies Homes enough. The staff are great and very helpful. They are always available and attentive to the needs of the residents. The meals here are nourishing and tasty as well. This is a great place to live.

Willie Crouch / Mira Mesa, Oceanside

Kudos to the staff and entire management of Blue Skies Homes! I know taking care of a bunch of seniors with different needs and sometimes demanding attitudes is very challenging but every caregiver faced us with a smile and compassionate attitude. I might not say this very often, but I’m thankful to be here!

Noah Anderson / San Marcos

I cherish the intimate community we have here in Blue Skies Homes. I found lasting relationships here. We bond over our delicious meals, on day trips, and with arts and crafts. I also value the independence and privacy we have in this facility. Although we’re tight-knit, I’m glad that these are still maintained.

Amanda Chambers / Mira Mesa, Oceanside

This place is changing my dad… he’s so much happier and radiates with satisfaction! He’s been welcomed to the community ever so warmly last month, and continues to enjoy the group activities. I’ve also noticed how he’s been socializing better now.

Alan Merrill / Laguna Niguel

Have Any Questions?

How does your facility compare with the larger assisted living communities?

In general, our facilities offer a more personal experience with a much higher level of caregiver interaction than is typically offered by the larger senior living communities. Many people prefer the home-like atmosphere of a board and care to the more institutional environment of the big facilities.

Are you able to take care of a wheelchair-bound resident?

Yes, our caregivers are all experienced in wheelchair transfer techniques and can address all the needs of a wheelchair-bound senior citizen.

Do you accept hospice residents?

Yes, we have a hospice waiver and we are experienced with hospice residents, whether they are on hospice when admitted or placed on hospice at some point after admission.

What items can we bring?

All residents are encouraged to bring personal items and small furnishings, pictures, etc that are familiar and may even be treasured. Our rooms are furnished, but if you prefer, the existing furniture can be removed and replaced with yours. If you have a favorite chair, we’ll make room for it.

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