322 Keyport St, Oceanside, CA 92057

Welcome to Blue Skies Homes, a safe and comfortable community for senior residents at the heart of Oceanside. You will find here a friendly and vibrant community of elderly adults who are living their golden years to the full. Here, residents receive caring support with a freedom to pursue a fulfilling life. As you enter the doors of Blue Skies Homes Oceanside, you will immediately notice a life of quality, safety, and comfort for our senior residents.

Located within the beautiful landscapes of Oceanside, California, our senior residents can enjoy a diverse and active community nestled in nature parks, museums, beach fronts, and recreational sites. They are always encouraged to discover new skills, follow their interests, and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is made possible by our dedicated and competent staff and caregivers, paired with quality facilities and amenities. Here at Blue Skies Homes, family members enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in the right hands. Contact us today to check out if our Oceanside home is a good fit for you and your loved ones!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

Big Skies Homes is always clean every time I visit. They managed to protect their residents from the pandemic, which has been a huge relief for us. Now I know I made the best decision for my mother. Thank you!

William Davis / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

It is such a good decision to seek the assistance of Blue Skies Homes in taking care of our father. They have complete amenities, competent staff, and most of all delicious meals. Pops is always saying how satisfied he is with the services and how much he enjoys the activities.

Patricia Wilson / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

Blue Skies Homes is wonderful, which is why I chose it for my brother. The community looked very nice and the facility is impressive. It is well-maintained, neat, and furniture is updated as needed. Oh and I also noticed their fancy countertops! How nice! Food is excellent as well.

Barbara James / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

This is a group where you can feel comfortable talking about anything. When I was new here, they made sure to help out in processing things. They understood how I felt and both residents and staff provided support. This is a special place for me. The entire team is great!

Linda Adams / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

ITHIS PLACE IS A BLESSING. I’m truly satisfied with how things are managed in Blue Skies Homes. The housekeeping is excellent. Services are provided so warmly and with real compassion for us. But the best part here is the people! I’m very thankful to have found a HOME!

Elizabeth Richards / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

I’ve been in Blue Skies Homes for eight months already. The rooms are beautiful with such nice layouts. My shared room is spacious and provides ample privacy. There’s also great accessibility. I enjoy every meal here. They’re nutritious and thoughtfully prepared!

Donna Abrams / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

I’ll give this place 11 out of 10 at any given time. To give you an idea, I wouldn’t really call Blue Skies Homes a “facility” because of its warm community and home-like features, but still very secure. We receive professional care from the staff while maintaining friendliness with them. It’s such a JOY to be here.

Kenneth Bishop / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

I just visited Blue Skies Homes as I was looking for a place for my dad. It was very welcoming and warm. They toured me around the facility and showed me the different rooms available. I think they’re very spacious and clean. I’m certain with how they keep the place up. I also appreciate how everyone is friendly here. The residents are well cared for and the staff are always available to aid them. It’s actually an interesting visit as everyone was buzzing around to prepare for a birthday party. I saw some residents coming down with their aides, and I think with the way they spoke, they have some memory issues. Some of them are mobile while some are in wheelchairs, but everything’s still accessible for them. I witnessed how everyone is treated with respect and kindness despite their conditions. I think I’ll choose Blue Skies Homes for my aunt. Will share on my next review our next experience!

Tyler Cole / Keyport St, Oceanside, CA

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care