1119 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA 92078

Located south of California, Blue Skies Homes San Marcos is an excellent senior assisted-living facility. Our community offers a well-equipped home that promotes a sense of safety, relaxation, and peaceful living. San Marcos’ endearing climate enables a year-round enjoyment for residents.

Our mission is to provide retiring seniors with a quality of life through life-enriching programs and services that encourage independence, creativity, and social skills. Talk to us today and discover what it’s like to live in Blue Skies Homes San Marcos!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

I visited my uncle with his grandkids. My uncle and a caregiver showed us around the area, and it was very nice! It has a peaceful, but also an engaging environment. There are activities that residents can be involved in. I’m even surprised they got my uncle to try arts and crafts.

Jack Clayton / San Marcos, CA

Dad has nothing but good things to say about the Blue Skies Homes. The staff are always friendly and they never neglect the needs of their residents. They made a great connection even with us. I can see that they’re sincere with their services.

Janet Clarke / San Marcos, CA

Blue Skies Homes and the entire staff are well-trained, skilled, and compassionate in giving their services. They also have good humor and assist their residents cheerfully. My mom is in a good environment, among friends, and in a warm community.

Aaron Dannell / San Marcos, CA

My dad spent his last days at Blue Skies Homes in San Marcos. He received quality care and the attention he received was excellent. The staff worked to make him feel comfortable and at ease. The only regret we have is that we didn’t transfer him here sooner. He had a wonderful time.

Heather Edwards / San Marcos, CA

I’m very thankful for Blue Skies Homes. From the moment my mom arrived, the staff made her feel at home. Here are just a few of their efforts: They gave us the ability to bring a few personal things like home decors and even my mom’s favorite chair to make it “her room”. The staff members are also levelled in keeping thoughtful language, their tone is always gentle and polite. When my mom’s restless, they discovered that calming music relaxes her. They keep in tabs with the medications so my mom never misses. Sometimes my mom would also need assistance in eating, they’re there and readily assist her. This type of personal care and up-close attention made my family and I rest easier whenever we visit and leave. I witnessed how they value each one of the residents there. I also chatted with other family members and I’m glad that the management has been consistent with their compassionate care. Their services also extend to family members whenever we visit. They adequately answer our concerns and questions. And they follow through when we agree with requests. We cannot thank you enough.

Megan Fields / San Marcos, CA

THIS IS THE BEST! I have never seen staff members who treat residents like family and still maintain professional and quality care. Residents are provided with home-cooked restaurant-quality meals. Staff provide dignified services and support to the residents. They are very experienced and well-managed.

Kayla Fortune / San Marcos, CA

There is no harder task than to find a facility for your loved one. Fortunately, I found a place for my dad in Blue Skies Homes. This is so different from the other facilities I’ve seen. It’s not hospital-like or very institutionalized. It is very comfortable and warm, but still maintains excellent care for their residents. My dad is having a good time here.

Rose Emerson / San Marcos, CA

The amenities are safe and well-maintained. The staff are skilled and competent. Everyone is so friendly and greets each one with warmth. Because Blue Skies Homes have a smaller community, they are more organized. I feel safe leaving my father here.

Vincent Emmet / San Marcos, CA

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care