Testimonials From Our Wonderful Families

Dear Lauren and Leo,

Thank you for all that you have done for my mother and our family. We are so grateful for the wonderful, loving home you are providing for her.

Your Christmas party was fabulous! I hope it will be an annual affair – Thank you also, for the sweater – It is darling and a very thoughtful gift –

Happy New Year!

John, Claudia, Kelsey & Cami Wright

Dear Lauren and Leo,

Please accept our family’s deep gratitude for your care of our mom and Grandma in the last fragile years of her life.

It has helped us enormously to know that Eleanor was so well cared for and so loved by you both, by Beth and Ricky, and in more recent times, Aidaand Angelo.

Blue Skies is truly a special place! You should be very proud of the care you provide to your residents and the peace of mind you give to their loved ones.

We are most grateful and hold a special place in our hearts for you all.

Love, Lisa and Steve

Dear Lauren and Leo,

Thank you so much for your lovely party and thoughtful gifts. You worked so hard to bring cheer to all of us, and we so appreciate your kindness.

We can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind your care of Mother has given us!

With love,

Wes, Mary Ann & Lynne

Dear Lauren and Leo,

Thank you so much for all the care you give to our parents! I know that my mom is safe and loved by you. She always looks so good – and Lauren you do a terrific job with her haircuts.

You are so generous with all your holiday giving. Thanks for all the gifts you give to all.

I hope your family has a wonderful holiday. How special to have Julia in your lives now as well.

Much love to you all,


Lauren & Leo,

Thank you for providing such a warm, loving place for Clara.

Happy Christmas!

Sandy, Steve, Carol, Clara

Leo & Lauren,

Thank you so much for your kindness and care. I am very happy I chose your “home” to take care of Dad. Thanks again Leo for handling that return for me. When Kitty gets better I’ll reschedule my trip.



Thank you so much,

Your family team did an outstanding job in loving and caring for her. My mom used to mention always your beautiful haircut. We are really impressed by the way you and your staff (Jeanpaul, Jemela and Rogelio) treat the resident. You will all be missed. Please use me as a reference. I would be happy to do so.

Bonnie Rausch

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care