Are There Different Levels of Assisted Living?

Are There Different Levels of Assisted Living? 1

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The care options available for seniors vary on condition and personal preference. Fortunately for retirees, there are best places for seniors that offer a variety of care options to suit their needs. But the many choices might create confusion at times. For instance, you will be surprised that assisted living has multiple levels of care within the assisted care facility with corresponding costs and differing care services.

You will be able to save yourself from confusion if you have the right knowledge on the levels of assisted living care. Moreover, knowing about these levels of care will give you perspective and expectations on the support options suitable for you. This article will discuss each level of care available in assisted living facilities.

Why Are There Levels of Assisted Living Care?

Dividing senior residents into categories based on the level of care they need will allow administrators in assisted living to hire and designate staff accordingly. Senior residents in an assisted living facility who require more hands-on assistance on their every day tasks need more caregivers and extra care than a community that houses senior residents who are relatively more independent and demand minimum assistance.

3 Levels of Assisted Living Care

Learn the three levels of assisted living care to help you choose which one is best suited for you.

1. Lower levels

This is the level of care suitable for senior residents who only need a low-level of supervision or assistance. Some examples include seniors who need help in visiting the doctor on medical check-ups, managing occasional behavioral changes, or occasional participation in social or recreational activities.

Are There Different Levels of Assisted Living? 1

2. Moderate levels

The moderate level of care refers to a senior resident who requires substantial support in one or more health care or personal care areas. A senior resident may be capable of performing some ADLs independently, but still need minimum help from others. For instance, the senior resident may be able to eat by herself/himself, but is unable to get on or off the toilet. They may also need some help in visiting their doctor or performing their regular medical treatments.

3. Higher levels

This type of care is for a resident who needs extensive and regular assistance in areas of several personal care or health care needs. A senior resident may have mental or physical impairments that greatly limit their abilities to perform multiple ADLs. They may also require complete assistance from many caregivers. Some examples include ensuring doctors’ visits, full assistance on medications, performing necessary medical treatments, and behavioral changes management.

Plan Your Care Level Accordingly

Whether spending your retirement with the family or planning ahead for your loved one’s senior care, it is important to know the right amount of assistance to be provided for you or your senior loved one. Luckily, many assisted living care offers assessment of the potential needs of their incoming senior residents in regards to the type of care that they need. Make sure to inquire about the levels of care on your scheduled tour in an assisted living care facility.

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