5 Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

5 Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

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People, especially seniors, are not always forthcoming about their challenges when living alone – or even if you already live with them. Your senior loved ones may not want to worry you about their health issues, they may be afraid to face any treatments, or maybe they fear burdening their families. This is why their closest support systems, families, and friends should know these telltale signs that your elderly loved ones already need assistance. Being watchful for these signs will help you plan early on the course of actions regarding the care and support that they need.

If your senior loved one is happily living independently in their own homes, it will be more likely they will need some extra assistance in order to manage daily tasks, chores, and personal care. As a family member, it is natural to feel responsible to provide this support. But another option you have is home care or exploring senior living communities.

Here are the signs that seniors need help that you really should not miss.

5 Signs that a Senior You Care About Needs Immediate Help

1. Difficulties in walking

Have your senior loved one started to hold on to furniture or the walls as they navigate through their home? Have there been any slips or “near fall” accidents? Statistics show that up to 30% of older adults who fall will suffer moderate to severe injuries. These injuries may lead to moderate and severe injuries that they will suffer.

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To prevent this from happening, they need to be a carefully designed environment that will enable them to move independently and safely with ease.

5 Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home
Have your senior loved one starting to hold on to furniture or the walls as they navigate through their home?

2. Messy home

This is something with your parents that you can tell whether it is normal or not. While some people are naturally messy or fine with a little clutter in their homes, some major changes on how they maintain their space is a sign that you should take. If there are dirty dishes, mold in the bathroom, or trash on the floor, these may be signs that your loved ones cannot maintain their homes anymore. If this living condition is prolonged, this kind of environment may pose health risks and affect their mentality.

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3. Unpaid bills

More than the embarrassment, your loved ones could be left in a dangerous situation if they miss out on their bills. In the summertime, it is a dangerous situation when the power shuts off and they are exposed to excessive heat. It is equally dangerous when they lose electricity in the middle of winter. If they can afford to do so, but fail on paying their bills; they may be experiencing memory loss.

4. Health concerns

Health issues automatically warrant more personal care, especially for seniors. Your loved one will benefit from more up close care when they need to be reminded of their medications or need help with home maintenance and activities for daily living (ADLs) that they could not just do because of issues like arthritis.

5 Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home - 2

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If you cannot always care for your loved ones, you can still make sure that they are taken good care of by considering senior living communities. These communities can provide a level of care for their residents, depending on what they need.

5. Dwindling social life

Senior years are usually the time of loss as peers may no longer be around to spend time with. They may also be experiencing physical ailments that limit their capacity to spend time with others and pursue interests.

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When Help is Needed

Once you see any of the signs listed above, talk closely with your loved one about the best way they can receive care and assistance. Whether you will do it yourself, hire a professional caregiver, or consider senior living communities, it is important for your loved ones to maintain independence and remain healthy.

When considering these care options, consult us at Blue Skies Homes to talk about how we can help your loved one. You may visit our communities and have a walk-through anytime. Let us help you and your loved one today!

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