25811 Tree Top Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Nestled in the warm and cozy community of Laguna Hills, residents of Blue Skies Homes enjoy a premiere and dynamic lifestyle that allows them to fully enjoy their golden years. With our community conveniently located just minutes away from Laguna Beach, close to hospitals and other medical facilities, nature parks, and entertainment centers, our senior residents live everyday with a sense of security and zest for life.

This quaint community is one that values quality living as you age. Live in our polished, top-class rooms paired with the amenities that are designed to nurture and suit your needs. Contact us today and and let us walk you through our homes!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

I love the small group setting in our community. I feel like each one of us are important members of a family and that is something that I really value here in Blue Skies Homes. Living here is dignifying, the staff are taking good care of us as they cater to our specific needs and grant our requests. The social activities here are well-planned too.

Susan Reynolds / Laguna Hills

My mom is in the Blue Skies Homes for assisted living. Every time I visit the place, cleanliness and neatness is always maintained. The staff is great and helpful too. They also keep my mom busy with all sorts of activities, from day trips to bingo sessions and holiday parties.

Keith Abbey / Laguna Hills

The Blue Skies Home was very pleasant. There are always two people who are there whenever I visit, and they’re always so handy and helpful. The dining area is very pleasant too. You can order whatever delicious meals you want, so that is especially good for my dad.

Linda Adams / Laguna Hills

I feel relieved and fortunate for finding a “home” in Blue Skies Homes. As someone who values independence, I was nervous at first. I didn’t like the idea of staying in a senior community. But with just a few weeks of transition, I became at ease and felt safe with their care.

Bobby Simpson / Laguna Hills

Nice facility. The building itself is well-maintained and clean. Some of the seniors are in wheelchairs and seem like they have no trouble navigating the place. They also have an exercise area and a well-attended garden. My mom has no problem with the staff and fellow residents at all.

Amber Whitaker / Laguna Hills

I popped into this place unannounced last week for my father’s birthday. And I had a lovely tour! The place was very neat. Most of the residents are just coming out from their afternoon naps, and the staff are in the middle of setting up a room… I think it is for an activity. It is very evident that they’re enjoying the place.

Willie Coleman / Laguna Hills

I remember almost crossing this off my list when I was looking for memory care for my mom. It’s just that they wouldn’t let me check out the memory care facility. But since this one got the best recommendations, I took my shot. And I’m glad I did! Later on I found out that they’re quite strict when it comes to memory care residents, because of their conditions. They also have group activities facilitated for the residents to keep them active. I appreciate their effort in caring for the residents. They value their health and privacy. I can also see that they’re services are dignified. My mom’s very at ease with the place. Although it took her a little time to adjust, she’s now enjoying her stay. She eats regularly and is particularly fond of the sandwiches from the restaurant. I just enjoy hearing my mom’s story about the place. Very thankful for the services here.

Martha Davis / Laguna Hills

I’m at ease with having my dad here. He’s well taken care of. He made friends, and is enjoying a sense of independence here. Blue Skies Homes has a beautiful facility. They also helped my family with the transition, so thank you!

Andrea Foster / Laguna Hills

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care