Is Your Senior Loved One Still a Safe Driver?

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While we should respect and recognize the freedom of our senior loved ones, there’s a specific activity wherein independence is already off the table. For instance, driving around by themselves may be no longer safe for them or for others on board. Not to mention that car accident were the 2nd leading cause of death among those aged 65 to 84 in 2018.

Even if your senior loved one enjoys or thinks they are still able to drive safely, finding them alternative transportation is a practical and wise idea without compromising their independence.

This article will help you find your way to alternative transportation options and services for your senior loved ones to maintain their mobility and independence altogether.

No Longer Able to Drive

Various physical limitations are valid reasons why it is time for your elderly parent to stop hitting the wheels anymore. These include deteriorating eyesight, reflexes that aren’t as sharp, and easily getting tired. Because of these, senior drivers may not be able to see the road ahead or what color the traffic lights are. Poor vision could also affect their ability to stay in the right lane or avoid obstacles.

The risk of lethal injury increases as we age, so whether the cause of an accident is your loved one or not, it’s best for them to literally take the back seat.

Alternative Transportation for Seniors

Giving up the independence they once had is difficult for seniors. Imagine not being able to move around with your car or go where you need to go. Without risking your elder loved one to unexpected and unwanted accidents, there are alternative ways to go on mobility.

1. Public transport

Most of the cities offer free or affordable, and accessible public transport for senior citizens. If your senior loved one is still active enough to take a cab or bus, you could give him a bit of education on how to become extra careful while on public transport. There are also senior care services that can help you find your loved one efficient public transport options.

2. ParaTransit services

For seniors who are unable to even take public transport, ParaTransit services will definitely work for them. This is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) initiative that provides fixed-route services for seniors. If you make time to do more searching, you’ll likely find many private paratransit agencies around your area.

3. Ride sharing

For seniors who share a common destination, ridesharing services are best for them. Some common uses for ride-sharing include going to shopping centers and medical centers. It is usually scheduled in advance to ensure space on the vehicle for every passenger.

4. Mobility service provider

Ride services such as Grab and Lyft are helpful for senior citizens who are tech-savvy. These user-friend riding apps are a convenient way for them to get where they need to go on their own. Among its advantages are scheduled in advance, 24/7 customer service, sharing routes with family or friends, and drivers being screened before being allowed to drive. It’s a safe option for senior travelers who require moving around while maintaining their independence.

Help Them Transition

Explaining to your loved ones why they need to give up their car is difficult. They may react negatively to you. Understanding why the transition process is not easy for them will make you think of the most convincing way to prepare them to give up the wheels. Involve your senior loved one in this transition process, don’t just force them to give up their vehicle and their independence. Make terms and ask them which alternative options they prefer. Learn about their travel routines and the type of trips they’re most likely to be taking. For instance, if they are tech-savvy, help them install a riding app on their phone.

Whether your senior loved one is still a competent driver or they are becoming a bit more of a hazard, it is better to be safe by starting to find alternative transportation for seniors.

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