62 Avenida Descanso, Oceanside, CA 92057

Blue Skies of Avenida Descanso, Oceanside is an excellent senior assisted-living facility located in southern California. Our community provides a well-equipped home that promotes a sense of security, relaxation, and peaceful living. Residents can enjoy Oceanside’s charming climate all year long.

Our mission is to improve the lives of retiring seniors by offering life-enriching programs and services that promote independence, creativity, and social skills. Contact us today to find out what it’s like to live at Blue Skies Homes on Avenida Descanso in Oceanside!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

I love the small group setting in our community. I feel that each of us is a vital part of a family, which is something I greatly respect here at Blue Skies Homes. Living here is honorable; the staff takes wonderful care of us, catering to our individual needs and granting our wishes. The social events here are very well-organized.

Addison / Oceanside

My mother is in assisted living at Blue Skies Homes. Cleanliness and neatness are always maintained when I visit the location. The staff is friendly and helpful. They also keep my mother occupied with a variety of activities, ranging from day trips to bingo sessions and holiday celebrations.

Josephine / Oceanside

Excellent facilities. The structure itself is well-kept and clean. Some of the elders are in wheelchairs and appear to have no issue getting around. They also feature a well-kept garden and a workout room. My mother has no issues with the staff or the other residents.

Santiago / Oceanside

I’m relieved to have my father here. He is well cared for. He made friends and is finding his independence here. Blue Skies Homes is a lovely facility. They also assisted my family in making the transfer, so thank you!

Mackenzie / Oceanside

I wasn’t expecting to love living in a senior community. This location really exceeded my expectations. Because of this group, I formed close friendships and had beautiful memories. I enjoy our group activities and sharing experiences with my coworkers. Excellent experience!

Melanie / Oceanside

Blue Skies Homes has provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow as a member of a community. They not only offered care, but also a place for a senior like myself to develop new skills and explore new hobbies. I’m making fantastic memories in our neighborhood. My family and I also have faith in Blue Skies Homes’ management and employees.

Lincoln / Oceanside

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care