20601 Mayall St, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Blue Skies of Chatsworth is a wonderful senior assisted-living community in Los Angeles. Our neighborhood provides a comfortable home that encourages a sense of security, relaxation, and tranquility. Residents of Chatsworth may enjoy the pleasant weather all year.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for retired seniors by providing life-enriching programs and services that promote independence, creativity, and social skills. Contact us today to learn more about living at Blue Skies of Chatsworth!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

I love the small group setting in our community. I believe that everyone of us is an important member of a family, which is something I cherish highly here at Blue Skies Homes. Living here is respectable; the staff takes wonderful care of us, catering to our individual needs and granting our demands. The social activities are also meticulously arranged.

Susan Reynolds / Chatsworth

My mother is an assisted living resident at Blue Skies Homes. Every time I visit, I notice that the place is always clean and tidy. The staff is friendly and accommodating. They also keep my mother occupied with a variety of activities, including day trips, bingo sessions, and holiday parties.

Keith Abbey / Chatsworth

The Blue Skies Home was very pleasant. There are always two people who are there whenever I visit, and they’re always so handy and helpful. The dining area is very pleasant too. You can order whatever delicious meals you want, so that is especially good for my dad.

Linda Adams / Chatsworth

I’m relieved and grateful to have found a “home” in Blue Skies Homes. I was initially frightened as someone who values independence. Staying in a senior community was not appealing to me. But after only a few weeks of adjustment, I felt at ease and secure in their care.

Bobby Simpson / Chatsworth

Nice facility. The building itself is well-maintained and clean. Some of the seniors are in wheelchairs and seem like they have no trouble navigating the place. They also have an exercise area and a well-attended garden. My mom has no problem with the staff and fellow residents at all.

Amber Whitaker / Chatsworth

Last week, for my father’s birthday, I showed up unannounced at this location. And I had a fantastic tour! It was a very tidy environment. The majority of the residents are just waking up from their midday naps, and the staff is preparing a room… It appears to be for an activity. It’s clear that they’re having a good time here.

Willie Coleman / Chatsworth

When I was looking for memory care for my mother, I almost crossed this off my list. It’s only that I wasn’t allowed to see the memory care center. But, because this one had the finest reviews, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Later, I discovered that, due to their conditions, they are very rigorous with memory care residents. Residents can also participate in group activities to keep them engaged. I admire how hard they work to look after the residents. They place a premium on their health and privacy. I also notice that their services are respectful. My mother is at peace in this environment. She is presently enjoying her stay, despite the fact that it took her some time to acclimate. She eats frequently and enjoys the restaurant’s sandwiches in particular. I simply appreciate hearing my mother’s account of the location. I am grateful for the services provided here.

Martha Davis / Chatsworth

I’m at ease with my father being here. He’s being nicely looked after. He made friends and is feeling more self-sufficient here. Blue Skies Homes is a lovely place to live. Thank you for assisting my family with the adjustment!

Andrea Foster / Chatsworth

We Believe Everyone Deserves A Quality Care

We Believe Everyone Deserves
A Quality Care