Assisted Living Services in San Marcos, Oceanside and Laguna Niguel


Providing a safe and comfortable environment for our residents is our top priority at Blue Skies of Oceanside and Blue Skies of San Marcos, and it all starts with our caregivers. They live at the facility, and there are two on duty at all times. They are supervised by Owner/Administrator Lauren Delancey, who is responsible for establishing standards and providing the necessary training to meet them.

Medication management is one of the most important areas of instruction. Our caregivers know how to properly handle and dispense medications, and Lauren makes sure that our team meets the highest standard of performance in this area.

Each member of our staff is also required to take a course in basic CPR, and has been taught effective emergency procedures. If a problem arises, our caregivers will know how to handle it.

Interacting with residents who suffer with dementia or Alzheimer's requires patience and skill. Lauren has an obvious talent for this and is very adept in transferring her ability to our caregivers. It's all in using the correct approach!

By maintaining an ongoing training program covering all phases of caregiving, Lauren equips each staff member with everything they need to perform at the highest level. But we believe that the true measure of a good caregiver is their compassion for the elderly, and it is this quality that we always look for.

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Activities of daily living (ADLs) are basic self-care tasks which most of us take for granted, without ever wondering what it would be like if we were unable to perform these simple tasks for ourselves. Most of our residents, though, require varying degrees of assistance with ADLs.

Every morning, our caregivers help each resident prepare for the day, offering assistance with bathing, dressing, and making certain that all personal hygiene needs are met. When appropriate, residents are encouraged to maintain their independence by performing tasks without assistance, often with a caregiver standing by to help if needed, or just to provide gentle verbal support.

Incontinence is very common among seniors in assisted living facilities and must be approached with professionalism and compassion. Our caregivers are experienced in addressing incontinence issues without sacrificing the resident's dignity.

Some of our clients require help with mobility tasks such as walking or transferring to or from a wheelchair. Our caregivers utilize effective techniques for performing safe transfers and are alert to any resident that may be at risk of falling. And of course, if a resident needs assistance with eating, our caregivers are there to help!



We serve three nutritious meals every day, prepared fresh with wholesome ingredients and presented in an appealing manner. The midday meal is the largest, with a lighter meal in the late afternoon to promote a good night's sleep. Healthy snacks like fresh fruit or yogurt are always available, and residents are encouraged to drink water or juice throughout the day. Special dietary requirements or preferences are not a problem.

Daily housekeeping includes laundering residents' clothing, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping or vacuuming the floors. Bed linens are changed regularly, daily if necessary. Every effort is made to keep our board and care homes clean and odor-free at all times.


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Whether you select a private or semi-private room, our senior living communities have a lot to offer. Most of our residents like to gather in the family room to watch tv or listen to music, but some prefer watching in their rooms, which is fine since all of our rooms are cable tv ready.

There are scheduled activities and events, chosen to meet the needs and desires of each resident, and in accordance with their mental and physical capabilities.  A typical activity might be a picnic at the local park, a friendly game of Bingo, or simply enjoying a relaxing interlude on the patio with a bowl of popcorn and the beautiful southern California weather!

Birthdays and holidays always present opportunities to make the day special. Our residents and caregivers spend a lot of time together, so it's not surprising that friendships develop. A casual conversation with a friend can be one of the most rewarding ways to pass the time.



If you're concerned about taking your loved one to doctor appointments, we suggest enlisting the services of a mobile doctor who will visit our facility for regular checkups. This can be particularly helpful if you're short on time or if your loved one doesn't travel well. Many of our clients prefer this approach. We have experience with several mobile doctors that we would confidently recommend.

We can arrange for a hairdresser to visit the facility to make your mom beautiful, or Lauren can do it herself. She does a great job with both male and female haircuts.  Does your dad need a podiatrist to trim his toenails? We can make that happen. We can also arrange for incontinence supplies and medications to be delivered directly to the facility, making your to-do list a little shorter. We even know a mobile dentist. Whatever you need, we can usually take care of it.

Choosing a living arrangement for someone we care about can be a very daunting task. We understand the difficulties involved. We can help you through the transition. You'll be amazed when you see how quickly Lauren makes your loved one feel like a member of our family!

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